Leveled Curriculums 0.5 In Your Classroom!

 Awhile back I was so beyond obsessed with all of the leveled curriculums and the leveled 0.5 homework had just been released.  After using the level 1 curriculums, I still had students that needed something that came just before.  Especially for my non-writers.  Of course, Sasha was secretly creating these next curriculums and I can say they are just as incredible as the other levels!  If you are new to Leveled Curriculums, read about them in my post here.

What does level 0.5 cover?

Level 0.5 was created specifically for students who need a resource that does not require writing, has larger tracing options, and slowly builds in skill complexity. Each skill is focused on for two units and the skills gradually increase in complexity. Currently there is a version for language arts and math!  You can see a closer, more detailed look here.

Who would benefit?

I am currently using this in my Pre-K 3 classroom and with the four-year old students in the afternoons. I have about three students who are not ready for paper pencil tasks at this time however everyone else has started! I can think of other children in Kindergarten who would also benefit from this.  It’s important to note that I am using this with ALL students, not just special education students.  I feel so confident knowing my kiddos are not missing any important basic learning skills!   


How do I run these curriculums in my classroom? 

At this time, these curriculums are PERFECT for our amazing para professional to run in the classroom. On her side of the room, I set up Monday through Friday boxes.  Each Friday I pull work for the upcoming week, write the names on each sheet and stick them into the appropriate day.  Since I do not have a long time with my littles, Monday and Tuesdays are for leveled language arts and Wednesday and Thursday are for leveled math. On Fridays we take kiddos who need to make up a day, play fun learning games, work on file folders and task boxes.  Just like in previous years, each of my students have a student work notebook. It’s divided into math, language arts, writing, and extra.  The current levels are printed out and ready to go!  I love this organization so much because if I’m ever out unexpectedly, anyone could easily pull appropriate leveled work.  No one is ever scrambling to find something to work on.

Materials I use

I love mixing up the materials I use with this curriculum.  Of course, this is some demanding work for littles, so I offer a lot of appropriate choice within this work time.  We let them use colored bingo daubers to complete the discrimination top parts and fun crayons or markers to complete the tracing.  I love that these curriculums also come with a data collecting sheet down below to note what type of prompting was being used and what vocabulary they knew.  Sometimes we warm up with some Play-doh exercises and end with some “stretches”.  They think it’s hilarious and I know they are strengthening those hand muscles!   

I have had success with every single child I have used these amazing leveled curriculums with.  Happy skill building! 

Gina Russell, B.S , M.Ed

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