I’ve been sharing about my color themed adapted book series and “Let’s Find Colors” is the final book in this series.  The series includes “What Color Do You See?”, “I See Colors”, and “Let’s Find Colors”  All these books are great to work on those color concepts with your students.  I’ve been pairing different color themed crafts and activities with each book.  I paired two fun color sorting activities to go with this book but there are lots of color sorting activities out there.

For this book the student has to find the items which match the given color concept on that page.  Across the top we read “I see red.”  Then we move to the bottom of the page and read “Find all the red item.”  The student needs to scan all the pictures and find all the red items to place in the large red square on the page.  There are 2-3 items for each given color concept.  When I set up the book I like to put 4 pieces of Velcro on each page so the student doesn’t know how many items to find per page.  Then all the pages will look the same.

I change the prompting depending on my students’ skill level.  Some of my students are able to help me read/say some of the words as we point to each box along the top and then the bottom of the page.  Other students know some of their colors so might say the color concept for that page.  We might name the items or count the items on each page.

Sometimes I need to reduce the visual field of items and provide my student a choice of 2-3 items to look at to find which item matches.  You might even need to flip over the back page with all the object choices if that is too distracting.  Maybe the first time or two you read the book with the student, the focus is for the student to place one of that color item per page.  Then work up to adding more items for each page.

Since this book works on finding items by color I paired it with some different color sorting tasks.  I have a lot of color sorting activities I like to use but here is what I paired with the book this time.  We did Rainbow Sorting Crayons by Learning Resources one time and Know Your Colors Sorting Baskets by Lakeshore Learning another time.  That way you can read the book multiple times and pair it will a different color sorting activities.  Rainbow Sorting Crayons has the student sort items into 8 different color crayons.  The sorting baskets has the student sort socks into 6 different color baskets. 

The great part about both of these sorting activities is you can easily change how many color items your student needs to sort at a time.  When using the crayon sorting activity, sorting by 8 colors might be too much for some students especially when just starting to work on sorting skills.  When I first start working on sorting I usually have my students focus on sorting items by just 2 colors.  For example, I set out the pink and yellow crayons.  Then I gave my student either a pink or yellow item to put in the correct color crayon.  I again modeled those color concepts throughout the activity.  You can then change out the colors and sort by another 2 color crayons.      

Same with the sock sorting activity.  You might start with sorting by 2 different colors socks and then move up to sorting by 3 or 4 different colors.  If the focus is just to work on sorting I would hand the student the sock and have them place it in the correct color basket.  Just focusing on sorting might be all you do for this task.   

You can use these sorting activities to target receptive language skills.  Hold up 2-3 items or socks and tell your student what color item to take.  For example, “take orange”.  After your student takes the orange sock he/she can place it in the correct color basket.    

If you student knows some of their colors hold up the sock and have the student say the color before you hand it to them.  Maybe they can even name some of the items they are putting into the different color crayons.  They might be able to say “red” or “fire truck” before placing the fire truck in the red crayon.

Lots of fun ways to work on those color concepts and sorting skills.   If you are interested in this series of adapted books you can find them on TPT with the link – Color Adapted Book Series

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