The start of the year is stressful. We have so freaken much to do that it’s hard to even get started because the pile of work is so monumental. As special education teachers, we don’t have a preset curriculum to follow. There is no perfect set of textbooks or workbooks that fits the needs for our diverse caseloads. So on top of the classroom setup, bulletin boards, organization, and everything else we have somehow got to figure out what the heck our kids will be doing all year. By the time I’ve finalized schedules, routines, and behavior plans – it’s late October and that point I’m just taking my planning week by week and trying to get through.

My absolute saving grace has been these Year Long Resources. Stress relief doesn’t even begin to explain the effect the resources had on my year and on my life. That maybe sounds dramatic or over-exagerating but it’s not. Knowing that one portion of my day is planned completely for the entire year is beyond valuable. It gives me the time to focus on staff training, assessments, behavior plans, IEPs, parent communication, and everything else on our massive plate of work!

The Language Arts and Math Curriculum have completely transformed the way I approached my curricular planning. I used to be a little all over the place. It seemed like I was doing a little bit of a lot but I never felt like my students were fully mastering any concepts. I felt extremely scatterbrained. Having this curriculum all planned out changed that. Once I knew I was teaching a concept in Unit 6, I didn’t have to worry about it in the start of the year. I could focus on a few skills at once.

Since many of our classrooms have a wide range of types of students, the 3 levels of the curriculum are key. You can jump from working on letter identification with one student to writing an introductory sentence for a paragraph with the next student without missing a beat. In our rooms, efficiency is the name of the game!

There is so much included in this curriculum – there are data sheets, assessments, rubrics, and more. To me, the organization is pretty key on getting this to run smoothly. You want to have the anchor charts, rubrics, and student pages organized in a way that you can easily utilize them. Check out my throwback video tour below:

I have been absolutely LOVING hearing about the different ways you all use these resources and hearing your feedback. Check out some of the great feedback on these resources:

“Yup! You’ve done it again! Everything you need FOR 3 DIFFERENT LEVELS!!! This is just amazing! Data tracking, easy to use assessment forms, fun activities, resources for the students!”

“This bundle is AMAZING!! I was worried about the price, but found it to be worth every penny!”

“With this 1 resource, I was able to meet the needs of my whole class! Amazing!”

“This is awesome! Such a blessing to a self-contained k-6 special ed teacher!”

These are big purchases so I want to make sure you have a thorough preview before you buy! Check out the video tours.

Langauge Arts:


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