Kids Like to Play


More adapted book love!! I saw a book similar to this at a training years ago and I knew I had to make a version of my own. I have (and have had) tons of kiddos who are this point where they match, sort, and then I am sometimes stuck on where to go next. Time to make matching more complicated!! I love matching photo to cartoon pictures (or boardmaker pictures) because it really demonstrates true generalization and mastery of the concept. This book – Kids Like to Play –  is a great and fun way to work on complicated matching!


toy pics

Students can follow the routine picture sentence and then match the photo. The boardmaker picture tells which photo to choose. The similar routine of the sentence as well as the box for each word helps less verbal children to imitate the verbal phrase. This is a great way to get your kiddos talking!

Students match the photos:

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 5.28.25 PM


Check out the video tutorial of this product! FYI the pictures in my TpT product are slightly different because I had use images available for commercial use.

Here is the video product preview:


Check out Kids Like to Play on TpT 🙂


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