Kicking off Summer Learning Fun!

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Summer is a fantastic time to engage learners in fun, educational activities that can make Extended School Year (ESY) services and summer school even more enjoyable! I love incorporating a summer theme into lessons that can keep students motivated and eager to learn. Here are some creative activities designed to be both engaging and educational.  Why is that when we add a theme to learning tasks it all of a sudden becomes way more fun?!

Summer Themed Weekly Workbooks

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know one of my favorite Autism Helper resources are the Easy Matching Workbooks.  These books contain errorless matching, matching out of a field of 6, and matching by color, all centered around fun summer themes like seasonal foods, leisure activities, and summer vocabulary. With each workbook tailored to the same skill level, your child or student will stay motivated and focused as they complete one workbook a day. These easy matching tasks promote independent work skills, fine motor abilities, and task initiation, making it perfect for foundational-level learners eager to build and strengthen these essential skills. You can find this Summer Set here.

Color Matching with Ice Cream Cones, Sunglasses, and Cactus

There’s something about this vibrant color matching game with cutouts of ice cream cones, sunglasses, and cactus. Each item is already colored differently, ready for use. You can print and place them in clear page protectors or laminate them and cut a part.  Sometimes I will put the individual task cards into a bag and have students pull one out at a time. These activities are designed to reinforce color recognition and categorization skills, which are essential for cognitive development! Through these matching exercises, students can enhance their visual discrimination abilities and improve their ability to sort and classify objects based on color.

Summer Literacy & Math Games

With the roll and count game featuring summer-themed items like beach balls, flip-flops, and seashells already prepared, you can dive right into the fun. Using dice with numbers or dots, students roll the dice and count out the corresponding number of items. This activity can be easily adapted for different skill levels by using larger or smaller numbers and incorporating simple addition or subtraction tasks. It’s an excellent way to practice counting, number recognition, and basic arithmetic in a playful, engaging setting.I also love the sorting games included in the summer reading centers resource.  There are different levels of activities from syllables, color sorting, and spelling. You can find these activities here.

Find & Sort!

I found these cute fruit themed rubber objects at the Dollar Tree and bought a few packs to turn it into a fun find and sort activity! Fill the sensory box with the fruit-shaped items of different colors and sizes. Once the objects are found, students can sort them into categories based on shape and color. This hands-on activity not only reinforces shape and color recognition but also promotes fine motor skills and cognitive development.  I love to have a motor type component of learning activity that corresponds with the task cards I am using! Happy Summer Learning!


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