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Back to the grindstone! I am all ready for January with this list of great freebie resources. These materials will keep us busy as a teacher the first morning back after winter break. I made sure to grab a venti coffee this sad Monday morning. I will need to be in overdrive before those bundles of energy coming storming through my door busting to tell me every detail of our two weeks apart. Here are some winter themed links to share. If you are new to my monthly plans – check out this post on how I do lesson plans.

We will be incorporating parts of last year’s Penguin Unit and Return From Winter Break Activities! So be sure to check those out! 🙂

Low Group:


8 1


Mid Group:

High Group:

The research worksheets used for both the mid and high level groups are explained thoroughly in this post and available for free download!

The Autism Helper

Good luck Monday morning teachers! We’ll get through it! 🙂


  1. Your blog has saved some stress for me. This is my first year teaching and I got hired into a difficult room in the middle of September. I hope some day my classroom will be just like yours! I worked all break on work tasks for my kiddos!
    Thank you for sharing and everything you do. Hope you enjoyed the break! Now getting back to reality, I am trying to keep my stress levels down!

  2. Thank you SO much for the sweet words! I am so glad my website has been helpful! Hope your transition back to school goes well 🙂


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