January Lesson Plans

Back to the grindstone! I am all ready for January! Arctic Animals, Character Traits, and a little MLK will keep us busy as a teacher the first morning back after winter break. I’ll make sure to grab a venti coffee Monday morning. I will need to be in overdrive before those bundles of energy coming storming through my door busting to tell me every detail of our two weeks apart. Here are my January lesson plans for Language Arts. If you are new to my monthly plans – check out this post on how I do lesson plans. Also – make sure to check back in next week for an in depth video tutorial of how I organize this part of my classroom.

We will be incorporating parts of last year’s Penguin Unit and Return From Winter Break Activities! Check it out!

High Level Group:

The Autism Helper - January Plans

Mid Level Group:

The Autism Helper - January Plans

Low Level Group:

The Autism Helper - January Plans

Low Group:


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Mid Group:

High Group:

The research worksheets used for both the mid and high level groups are explained thoroughly in this post and available for free download!

The Autism Helper


  1. Thank you so much Sasha! I look foward to this post each month!

  2. I like a lot of your ideas, use them all the time. This year I am teaching 5th and 6th graders. Do you really feel like doing these types of crafts is age appropriate for upper elementary/middle school age kids? I taught K/1/2 for 9 years so this is a learning year for me. We have not done any crafts at all because they are just not age appropriate, I think. Interested to get your perspective on this.

  3. So happy to hear it’s helpful! 🙂

  4. Hi Christine! Yes age appropriateness is critical to consider and I see what you mean. However, with art projects I am more lenient. The art teacher at my school completes hands on projects with all grades in my school. That combined with the fact that art can incorporate IEP goal generalization, work on new skills, and is genuinely enjoyable for many of my students lead to my decision to include art projects for my lower level students. I don’t complete these crafts with all of my kids just the ones that we can incorporate IEP goal work into the art activity. I think this also helps teach these students to develop a new preferred activity and hobby for kids who generally have a very narrow view.

  5. This is an interesting topic for sure. I think that you are right that many skills can be taught through doing art projects (e.g., matching to sample, labeling, following mutli-step directions, language, fine motor skills, behavior, etc.). I just battle with the thought that most typical 10 – 13 year olds are doing things like clay sulptures, self portraits, rubbings, weavings, etc. and not cutesy crafts. I often beat myself up planning lessons (e.g., Valentine’s day is coming up… oh how I would love to make cute mailboxes like I did when I taught K/1/2… but is it appropriate…I just don’t know). We do cooking a lot which I think is functional and teaches some of the same skills. I think I just need to get creative with art for the older kiddos (or go back to teaching the little guys, which I miss!).


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