How Do You Do It?

… no I’m not asking you how you do it. Although feel free to share any advice if you’d like! New adapted book alert! You didn’t think I would make books for who, where, when, and what and leave little ole’ how all by itself. With no adapted book that perfectly targets it’s skill acquisition? Heck no, man. I made the ‘how‘ book a little tricky too so tighten your backpack straps. But don’t worry – as always it can be adapted for all your learners 🙂

Introducing – How Do You Do It? This book is similar to my other adapted books – it’s movable, follows a predictable pattern, and includes all directions for setup! Each page provides a prompt and the student must put the three steps for completing the activity. I find it hard to target sequencing for my less verbal students so this has worked perfectly!



I also included two types of storage systems for the pieces. Since each page has three pieces to match – this can get a little logistically complicated. Two boards (one with a large field and one with a small field – to make it a bit easier) are included in this set!

Check out the product preview:


and video tutorial:

Check it out – How Do You Do It?



  1. love this!!!

  2. I just came across your materials at TPT which led me to this website and I am so happy I found you!! I have been a speech language pathologist for 16 years in the public schools. Until this year I have only worked with gen ed kids kindergarten-sixth grade. This year I am now working in a life skills class at the middle school level. I am feeling very lost and overwhelmed. I am thrilled I came across your materials tonight! I can’t wait to purchase many items in TPT, print, laminate and bind this weekend!

  3. Check out Susan Berkowitz on TPT as well. She is also an SLP and has some great materials she’s selling.

  4. Thank you so much Jenni!! I really appreciate your sweet comments!! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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