… no I’m not asking you how you do it. Although feel free to share any advice if you’d like! New adapted book alert! You didn’t think I would make books for who, where, when, and what and leave little ole’ how all by itself. With no adapted book that perfectly targets it’s skill acquisition? Heck no, man. I made the ‘how‘ book a little tricky too so tighten your backpack straps. But don’t worry – as always it can be adapted for all your learners 🙂

Introducing – How Do You Do It? This book is similar to my other adapted books – it’s movable, follows a predictable pattern, and includes all directions for setup! Each page provides a prompt and the student must put the three steps for completing the activity. I find it hard to target sequencing for my less verbal students so this has worked perfectly!



I also included two types of storage systems for the pieces. Since each page has three pieces to match – this can get a little logistically complicated. Two boards (one with a large field and one with a small field – to make it a bit easier) are included in this set!

Check out the product preview:


and video tutorial:

Check it out – How Do You Do It?


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