You by now are embarrassingly familiar with my newfound adapted book obsession (check out this post and this post if you aren’t). I guess not new but a revisited obsession. I have been using my Who Is It? and Where Do I Work? books all the time with my students with less language. It’s been going great. It is so hard to target question answering and making inferences with that group. So of course, I couldn’t help myself and whipped up a new one. For that super sneaky devilish ‘when’ question. Dang – is that one hard!

This book – When Is It? is a fun one because it is like a mini multiple choice question on each page!

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Here are the pages:

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and the picture options:

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Check out my video tutorial of this book:

and of course the product preview 🙂

Check it out on TpT and let me know what you think!

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