Introducing: TAH Teacher Spotlights

The hardest part of my first few years teaching was feeling so incredibly isolated. I had such a hard time finding inspiration, ideas, and resources that really applied to my classroom. Working with the junior high team didn’t really fit the needs of my students and trying to follow the plan of early childhood classrooms wasn’t the right fit either. This was back in the pre-pinterest and pre-blogging days so inspiration was a little scarce. This was intimidating to me. Sometimes I really needed help or an idea. Other times, I just wanted to see what others were doing to make sure I was on the right track.

Thanks to the internet – getting great ideas for our classrooms is a lot easier! But I am all about variety and the more great ideas – the better. The next month will be dedicated to some amazing teachers who have graciously shared a glimpse into their classroom. Since our jobs are always changing, I hope you can find some inspiration from these classrooms to bring to your own students. I can’t wait for you to read about their creative setups and innovative classroom plans. Enjoy!


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