We all get sick of cutting velcro. The blisters, the sticky scissors – I get it. Even if you are used to the luxurious life of velcro dots – it gets expensive and it’s still time consuming to peel off each of those little circles of goodness. So let’s take a break from velcro with sorts.  Sorts are a great way to work on a skill in an interactive and hands-on way with a little less structure than a traditional velcro task.

One of my favorite set of sorts are our Math Sorts for Early Childhood and Special Education. These sorts work on addition/subrtaction, time, and money. Students interact with the materials to group similar clocks, coin sets, or math problems. After they complete the sort – they can copy the answers onto the coordinating worksheet and you can see the finished product. These are perfect for independent work!

There is a lot of variety included in this resource plus since it’s not a velcro task there is less likelihood that students will memorize the answers. Also, everything fits neatly into a snack size ziplock bag!

I also love sorts for targeting foundational skills. These Easy Math Sorts are perfect for basic math skills. This packet has 4 types of sorts: counting, big/little, coins, and number identification. Students sort pieces that count up to a certain number, sort big items and small items, sort different images of the same coin, and sort by number. I love these for direct instruction or a paraprofessional run station!

Check out the video preview of each of these resources to see everything that is included!

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