Interactive Receptive Language Tasks

Sometimes with some of our kiddos we get to this point where we simply don’t know where to go next. Many of us have our students for multiple years and it’s easy to get stuck. This happens especially often for me with kiddos who are nonverbal or have less verbal skills. There aren’t as many directions to take my instruction and you can easy fall into an endless roundabout of teaching matching and sorting forever and ever. But I invite you into the world of receptive language. There is SO much we can do in this area with all of our learners. We can go from easy to more complex and have a long list of new goals for our kids. Thank the heavens. We are back it kiddo. So strap in and get ready.

I post a photo of these receptive language tasks last summer as part of my Summer Series: Cooking Up Communication and I had an outpour of “where can I get that??” messages. This was originally part of my ABLLS Resource Kit but I have now expanded it to it’s own amazing resource.

These Interactive Receptive Language Tasks go beyond basic receptive language comprehension and work on more advanced language skills. These interactive tasks are perfect to build listening comprehension for students who are nonverbal or who have verbal skills. Each tasks has 4 moveable pieces so students won’t memorize the answers!

This resource includes 28 tasks each with 4 option! I hung mine on command hooks right by direct instruction area. They are perfect for those last few minutes of down time at the end of an activity. Keep those busy hands working! Challenge your kiddos and snag these awesome little tasks!


  1. Hi Sasha
    Happy New Year, I’m sure yours will be productive. I’m browsing through your blog and getting lots of ideas but being based in the UK some of the terms and language is a wee bit different. If I buy some of your downloads through tpt is there any way of getting them in a format that I can adapt?
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Avril! Great question – anything you purchase I can get you the editable version. Just send me your receipt and I will get the editable versions to you!

  3. Hi Sasha,
    First question – where on earth do you get the time?? I am constantly on the go and getting nowhere more and more!! I believe you are a superhero!!

    Second question – I was just about to ask the exact same question as above. Would I be able to do the same as Avril?

    Claire xx

  4. Haha – you are too sweet! It’s taken a lot of years to build up all of the resources! Yes – most resources I can get you an editable version if you send my the receipt. Feel free to ask before you buy if you know you will really need an editable version. Email me at and I can get the editable versions over to you 🙂

    • Is this file available for Free? Looks like something a number of my kiddos would benefit from.

      • Hi Terry! All of these resources are linked within the blog post! We give tons of free resources on our network. You can join for free here:

  5. I am really interested in purchasing your ABLLS resource kit but I wanted to clarify-is this particular resource available in that resource kit or would it be beneficial to purchase both? Thanks!

  6. I want, how I can order in Moldova?

  7. Everything is a digital download so you can purchase from anywhere! After you purchase you can immediately download to your computer. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Sasha! I liked your work! Please tell me how will I purchase. I’m from the Philippines. Thanks!


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