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If you are a regular reader, you probably think I am huge freaken liar sometimes. I say everything is my favorite. This is my favorite resource, no this is my favorite resource, no wait this for real is my favorite resource. I can’t help it, guys. I’ve got a lot of material lovin to go around and I just can’t pick a best friend. So at the risk of sounding like a broken record – I swear this is one of my favorite resources 😉

The Interactive Math Work Book Series comes in 3 levels (of course – we need to differentiate!) and a bundle (for those money saving lovers out there).

– Sorting Pennies & Nickels
– Sorting Dimes & Quarters
– Matching Coins (pennies & nickels)
– Count & Match (1-10)
– Count & Match (1-6)
– Sort the Numbers (1-4)
– Sort the Numbers (5-8)
– Trace the Numbers (1-20)
– Trace the Numbers (number words)
– Match the Clocks
– Match the Numbers in the Clock
– Sort by Shape
– Trace the Shapes
– Match the Shapes
– Match the Pattern

– Sorting Pennies, Dimes, Nickels, and Quarters (fronts & backs)
– Match Simple Coin Combinations
– Count and Match Tallies
– Write the Number in Words (double digit)
– Greater Than or Less Than
– Skip Counting by 2s
– Skip Counting by 5s
– Skip Counting by 10s
– Match the Clock to the Time (quarter hours)
– Draw the Hands on the Clocks (quarter hours)
– Sort the Fractions (whole, half, fourth)
– Sort Heavy and Light Items
– Match the Number Facts to the Answer (addition 1-10)
– Finish the Pattern

– Round to Next Dollar Up
– Match Coin Combinations
– Sort the Multiples
– Fill in the Missing Number
– Match the Dice (3 part addition problems)
– Write the Number in words (3 and 4 digit numbers)
– Greater Than, Less Than (3 and 4 digit numbers)
– Match the Clock to the Time (five minute increments)
– Draw the Hands on the Clocks (time to the minute increments)
– Sort the Fractions
– Match What Comes Between (4 digit numbers)
– Match the Number Facts to the Answer (addition & subtraction 10-40)
– Finish the Pattern


  1. I love this!!!!!

  2. you are such a dedicated teacher to have put this together. Students will love the structure that is predictable yet still challenging. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Thanks for reading!

  4. Very creative

  5. Do you have a version with Canadian coins?

  6. Do you have s version with Australian money?

  7. Hello,

    How can I buy this?

  8. Does each of your students have a binder or do you a have binder for each of the levels for the students to do/use during groups?


  9. I’ve done it a few ways but I think it’s most efficient to make a bunch binders out of this resource and keep it at one center for students to switch through. I usually make 2-3 binders out of each level so students can rotate and aren’t all doing that same things all the time!

  10. What is the size of sheet use in binder ?

  11. They are regular size page protecters! 🙂

  12. I’m from Brazil, but i loved this! Thank tou for the ideias!!! Great!

  13. is there a Euro coins version ?

  14. Do you have only level one to o purchase?


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