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Integrating Academic and Fine Motor Skills

Sometimes you need to get creative about creating tasks. We need activities in our classroom that integrate multiple types of skills. We have to much to work on to be allowed the luxury of focusing on only one skill set at a time. This new task could be used for countless types of skill development with a fine motor twist. Literally. The perfect marriage of the unifix cube and a sharpie. For some reason I seem to have a massive bag of unifix cubes in my classroom at all times. I think small school elves sneak in at night and replenish them or something. Time to put them to good use!

The Autism Helper - Unifix Cube Tasks

I made some matching lowercase to uppercase sets and also some general matching letters. This task works on discrimination, letter recognition, and fine motor skills! We already have some sets that work on building words, putting the alphabet in order, and building students’ names. Up next: I’m making match number to quantity!

The Autism Helper - Unifix Cube Tasks

The Autism Helper - Unifix Cube Tasks


Do you unifix cube? 

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  1. I use unifix cubes to have one of my little guys count/number identification. He can count to 30. I have started to run out of cubes.

  2. I don’t have unifix cubes. I thought of using lego instead?

  3. Great idea!


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