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I love a good craft and I think art is incredibly important but sometimes I have a slight twinge of guilt when I do crafts with my high functioning students. Working on their academics is so completely overwhelming and time consuming, I feel like we can’t waste even a minute. Ugh. I sound like a jaded standardized test obsessed teacher. I’m not – I swear. I just want my kids to get the most out of every moment at school and honestly – I feel like we never have enough moments. So yes, I think art is important but I need to make sure to make it educational as well.

I found this cute turkey craft and we had about 20 minutes left at the end of our reading block. On the fly – I decided to make this an independent craft. My kids majorly need to work on following directions on their own without adult prompts. Key phrase – without adult prompts. I’m guilty of over prompting. I admit it. So I wrote the directions on the board, laid out the supplies, and sat back and watched.

The Autism Helper - Turkey Craft

They were hesitant. They kept trying to get the thumbs up from me. You could just see the wheels turning. Is this okay? Should I keep going? Am I in trouble?

The Autism Helper - Turkey Craft

This ended up being a great activity. Meaningful, educational, and craft-filled. Love it. 🙂

The Autism Helper - Turkey Craft

And look how cute! We decided to name them Turkey Tom!

The Autism Helper - Turkey Craft


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