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We had a really fun morning of summer school today. We did our birthday party for our August birthdays (which meant 4 rounds of singing happy birthday…). They all had a really great time though. Then we made movie trailers on iMovie. I HIGHLY recommend doing apple’s free field trip (yes – I said free). There are a bunch of options of the type of field trip you can do and all the kids get a free t-shirt and tote bag.

We went on a field trip to the Apple store in April and had the best time. I explained before we went that I had a group of kids with autism – I thought they might be hesitant but they were super nice and excited. The staff there were great, very accommodating and understanding. We did the movie trailer field trip. All the kids got in small groups and got their own iPad to work with each. Each group made a movie trailer and then we watched all of them together on the big tv. My guys were DYING – sobbing laughing, small puddle of hysterical tears on the table dying – it was great. We decided to make another set of trailers today and it was a big success yet again.

It’s very easy:

  • First, open iMovie (app only cost 4.99!) and click “New Trailer”

  • Then choose what type of trailer you want to make. You can sample a little preview. Today we made a superhero and swashbuckler!
  • The opening page will look like this. In the “outline” you can edit the name of the movie and the credits. The credits turn out really cute with all of your students’ names in there.

  •  Then click on the storyboard tab – you can edit any of the headings by clicking on them.
  • The video camera will open in the top right corner. The storyboard will tell you what type of video clip you need and how long it should be – such as ‘action 1.7 seconds). Once you press record it will give you a 3 second countdown before it starts recording your clip. Once it’s done it will automatically go its place in the trailer. You can click on it to delete it and start over if you want. If not it will automatically go to the next clip.
  •  Once all the clips are in done – press the play button in the middle of the screen!
  • It will start and automatically go to full screen!
  • Look how cute the credits are!
 Enjoy! I can’t wait to do these again during the school year and then follow it up with journals about their movie. My students sometimes have a hard time with imaginative writing and I know this would be very motivating!


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