I’m still working on object function this week while using the book “I Spy an adapted book about Object Function”.  This is the second book in my Function series.  The series includes “What Function Do You See?”, “I Spy Function,” and “What Is The Function?”   Last week I shared about the book “What Function Do You See?” which I created to be the easiest of the three books in the series.    

This week I wanted to share about the I Spy Function” book which is a little more difficult.  The format for this book is similar to other I Spy Books I have created just the targeted concept is object function.  For this book the student has to select the correct picture from the visual field of 4 pictures which identifies the given function.  The book includes 16 different common function.     

This book is more challenging because the students do not have the extra added visual support of the function picture.  For example, on one page the student has to determine which of the four items is “something you fly” and there is not the additional visual paired with the function word fly.  The student needs to select the airplane picture and place it in the empty square.

You can change the level of prompting depending on your student’s skill level.  You can reduce the visual field to two pictures.  For example, “I spy with my little eyes something you drive.”  “Is it a kite or truck?”  You can even provide the visual motion of “driving” for your student if they are still learning those function words. 

To make it more challenging after the student determines the item which is associated with the given function have the student name 1-2 more objects which could go in the group.  For example, after identifying the t-shirt is something you wear the student can name two other items you wear.  If you are doing this with a group of 2-3 student try and have each student name an additional item in the group. 

For some of my students I work on them expanding their verbal utterances while participating in this adapted book.  Instead of just saying “scissors” to identify the item which cuts they could say “a scissor cuts”, “a scissor cuts paper”, or “I use a scissor to cut”.  I have a lot of students who need to work on generating longer more novel utterance instead of only using a single word.

As always adapted books are a great opportunity to have your students use their AAC devices.  You can have the student find the function word on their device or the item which goes with the function.  They could find the verb “clean” as you read the “I spy” sentence or they can find the word “broom” to identify the item which function is to clean.  They could make a longer phrase such as “broom cleans” or “I use broom to clean”.    

If completing 16 pages is too much for you student you can always bind the book into 2 smaller books.  Have 8 functions in one book and the other 8 functions in another book.  If you are interested in this set of books you can find them on TPT with the link – Function Adapted Book Series 

Sarah Allen, MA CCC-SLP

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