I See Colors Adapted Book and Color Themed Activities

Working on color concepts with your students?  I’ve got the perfect Color Themed Adapted book series to use.  This series of color themed adapted books includes “What Color Do You See?”, “I See Colors”, and “Let’s Find Colors”.  Each week I’m using one of these books and pairing it with different follow-up crafts or activities.  My students have been loving these books and the activities.  I used my “I See Colors?” adapted book and paired it with 2 different fun color activities.

For the “I See Colors” adapted book the student has to find the correct color item to match the color on that page.  I again like to point to each box across the top of the page as I read the page with my students.  For example, “I see red.”  Then we move to the bottom of the page and read the next sentence.  “The fire truck is red.”  I have the student find the firetruck and place it in the large red square on the page.  I model that color concept multiple times.

I change the prompting depending on my student’s skill level and how verbal my student is.  Some of my students can help me read the book or say the color word when we point to the color on that page.  I tried to use common items for this book so the student may also be able to name the item as they attach them to the book  You can ask “what color?” after they place the item on the page and see if they know the answer.  For example, “what color is the truck?” or “what color is the dress?”

For other students the focus of the book might be on attending to the book activity and matching the correct color item to the color on the page.  You can limit your student’s choices and provide 2 items to select from to match into the book.  Continue to model those color words for your student.        

After we finish reading the book I have been using 2 different “put in” color activities with my students.  They are both from The Learning Journey and are pretty easy to find online or at stores.  They are called The Learning Journey Learn with Me – Color Cow and The Learning Journey Learn with Me Color Fun Fish Bowl.  Both have been a big hit with my students and I use them all the time.  Each activity targets those same 10 color concepts as we just used in the book.

For the cow the student puts the different color milk pieces in the cow and for the fish bowl the student puts the different color fish in the bowl.  I use these activities to target both receptive and expressive language skills.  I use the same strategies with both of these activities.  With some of my students I’m just working on my students attending to and completing a task, so for these students I hand them one color piece and model that color concept.  For example, “blue”, “blue in”.  I just use simple language and want my student to participate in the activity at this point.

Other times the focus is on requesting the piece to put in the cow or fish bowl.  If the student does not know their color concepts yet, I might have them request by saying “more”, signing “more”, or using an AAC device to request “more”.  For example, when my student pushed more on their Go Talk device I modeled “purple” as I handed them the purple fish.  I again model “purple in” to keep the language simple and focus on the color concept. 

If your student knows some or all of their colors they can verbally request the color item they want.  You can hold up one of the milk or fish pieces and the student can say the color of the item.  You might need to give them a choice of 2 colors.  For example, “Is it orange or purple?”  After they say “orange” you can hand them the orange fish to put in the bowl.

When using this as a receptive language task.  Provide a choice of 2-3 color pieces and tell them which color to select.  For example, “take green.”  Then the student takes the green milk and gets to put it into the bowl.

These two activities are great to work on color concepts but another reason I like to use them is to work on turn taking skills.  I usually have 2-3 students in a group so I work with my students on requesting “my turn” before they get to take their turn.  When they request their turn, I put the cow or fish bowl in front of that student.  Then they get to have their turn getting the color piece and putting it in the cow or fish bowl.  When that student is finished we pass it to another student.  Actually being able to move the cow or fish bowl helps the students visually see whose turn it is.  Always targeting multiple skills with just a simple fun activity!

You can find the color adapted book series on TPT with the link – Color Adapted Book Series


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