I have been working with several of my students on learning about community helpers.  This is such an important skill for our students to work on which is why I created some new activities to use with my students to help them learn about these different community helpers, what they do, and where they work.  I created a set of 3 activities/games which include Community Helper Bingo, “I Have…Who Has…? Community Helper Games, and Community Helper Task Cards – Where Do They Work.  My students had fun playing the community helper bingo game so this week I have been using the “I have…Who has…? Community helper games with my students.  These “I have…Who has…?” games are always a hit with my students and they enjoy playing them while I still get to target their goals.  I made 2 different “I have…Who has…” Community Helper games and each game set has 28 cards so my students get lots of practices with these concepts. 

This is a perfect reinforcement game after your students have learned about and know many different community helper members.  The students I used this game with already worked on answering “who” task cards, completing different community helper sorts, and playing community helper bingo so they were ready for this more challenging game.  If you are not familiar with these “I have…Who has…? games they are easy to set up and play.  To set up the game just pick one of the game sets to use and divide the cards among all the members in the group.  I usually play this game along with my students so there are usually 3-5 of us playing the game.  If you have 4 in the group each student gets 7 cards.  However, it doesn’t matter if your students start with a different number of cards depending on the group size. 

I have the students place all their cards face-up in front of them so they are easy to see.  Before we start the game I have my students look at what is on their cards that way they know who they have on their card.   The player with the “I have the first card” goes first.  For one of the games it is “I have the first card.  Who has someone who takes card of zoo animals?”  The students look at their cards and the student who has the picture of the zookeeper says “I have a zookeeper.  Who has someone who cuts and styles hair?”

Next it would be “I have a hair dresser.  Who has someone who drives a firetruck?”  The game would continue this way until you used all the cards.  After the student reads his/her card I have the student turn the card over so we know the card was already used.  The final card in the game would be “I have a park ranger.  Let’s Play Again!”

The other game set is played the same way.  Again it starts with the first card which read “I have the first card who has someone who bakes cookies, pies, and pastries?”  The students continue to find the community helper member who correctly answers that who questions and turns the card over when it is used.

There are a few community helper members who I used on both game sets but I made different clues for those community helper members.  I tried to use a variety of community helper members and not just the usual teacher, firefighter, and mail carrier.  I added additional member such as “news reporter”, “park ranger”, “plumber”, and “detective”.

Your students with AAC devices can use their devices while they play the game too.  If they have the card they can say “I do”, “me”, or name the community helper member on their device.  Then you can help your student read the rest of their card to the peers in the group. 

If you are interested in these games you can find them on TPT with the link – Community Helper Game Pack 

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