Teaching grammar is not easy.  There are so many different rules and exceptions to the rules when teaching certain grammar skills.  Plus there are so many areas to target.  I have created some different grammar task card sets over the years to use with my students when working on specific grammar skills.  Recently, I gave an overview of all my vocabulary task card sets so now I thought I’d do the same for my grammar based task card sets.  Again, I like using task cards because they are easy to prepare and can target different skills in each set.  When I create task card sets I like to make sure I have plenty of cards in each set especially when teaching grammar.  I don’t want my students to just memorize a few cards or learn only 6 different irregular plurals but all the common irregular plurals!  I also like to use the cards more than once with my students which is why my grammar sets range from 48-96 cards in each set.  I often pair these grammar cards with an easy game such as Pop Up Pirate or a board game because that keeps my students more motivated.  After they complete a set number of grammar cards they get to take a turn in the game.  If you are interested in any of these grammar sets just click on the name of the set and you can find them on the teachers pay teachers website.      

Regular and Irregular Past Tense Grammar Boards – This set contains 48 regular past tense boards and 48 irregular past tense boards.  The students need to determine the correct regular or irregular past tense verb form given a choice of 3 answers.  If you use these during small group instruction each student can get a set number of cards.  Then you can read the sentence with the answer choices for the student and have the student tell you the correct answer.  

If the student can read you can use these boards during independent center time and the students can use paperclips, clothespins, or dry erase markers to mark their answer and that way you can check which ones the student got correct and which need more practice.

Future Tense Grammar BoardsThis set also contains 48 future tense boards which are set up the same way.  The student needs to determine the correct future tense verb form to fill in the sentence.  You can again have the student verbally tell you the answer or mark it will a clothespin or dry erase marker.  

Plural Grammar BoardsThis set contains 60 regular and irregular plural boards.  The students need to determine the correct plural form for each picture given a choice of 3 answers.  Many of those irregular plurals our students just need exposure and practice to learn/memorize them.    

Pronoun Grammar BoardsThis set contains 60 pronoun grammar boards.  The student needs to choose the sentence using the correct he/she/they pronoun to pair with the given picture.  You can always have a visual of “he”, “she”, and “they” for your students to use while completing these cards.     

Present Progressive Grammar CardsThis set contains 72 Present Progressive Grammar Cards.  The students need to finish the sentence by adding the correct present progressive verb form.  This is also great to work on answering those “what doing…?” questions.

I also really like using these present progressive cards when working with my student who have AAC devices on action verbs.  They can work on navigating their device to the action verb page and then adding that “ing” ending to the verb.  For example, I would show my student a card and ask “what is she doing?”  My student navigates to the verb page and finds the action verb such as “paint”.  The next step would be for the student to add the “ing” ending onto the verb so it would be “painting” which is the correct present progressive verb form I would eventually want them to use.   

These cards also help my verbal students and AAC users expand their utterances.  For my verbal students working on expanding their utterances I have them touch each box as they say the words.  For example, “she is…” and then fill in the blank with the present progressive verb form.  I have my AAC users select the correct he/she/they pronoun on their device, then the correct is/are helping verb, and finally navigate to select the correct verb, add the “ing” ending on the verb, and finally press period for the device to say the complete sentence.  “They are reading”.  I like watching my students start combining symbols and making longer utterances on their devices.    

Helping Verb Grammar Cards – Is/Are and Has/Have – Each set contains 72 cards for each helping verb set.  Lots of practice for these helping verbs.  You can read the card to your student and have them determine the correct helping verb to fill in the blank. 

Is/Are Grammar Cards – This set contains 72 cards which require the student to fill in the blank using the correct “is” or “are” helping verb.  The more practice the better when working on grammar skills. 

Has/Have Grammar Cards – This set also contains 72 cards which require the student to fill in the blank using the correct “has” or “have” helping verb. 

Possessive Pronoun Grammar CardsThis set contains 72 cards which require the student to fill in the blank using the correct “his, her, or their” pronoun.  The answer is always going to be one of the possessive pronouns but our students need that repetition.    

I and Me Grammar Cards – This set contains 72 cards in which the student has to determine if they need to use the “I” or “me” pronoun form to correctly complete the sentence.  This is another one of those grammar skills that students often need a lot of practice to use the correct form in their utterances.    

Time Preposition Task Cards – I created 2 sets.  Time Preposition Task Cards Level 1 contains 72 card.  Time Preposition Task Cards Level 2 contains 96 cards.  Level 1 has visuals to pair with each sentence. 

Level 2 has some of the same sentences as Level 1 without the visual plus I added more examples to Level 2. 

Lots of ways to help work on those grammar skills when using these different task card sets!

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