How to Use a Coil Book Binding Machine

One of my favorite splurges for material prep is a coil book binding machine. I spent years using the comb binding system but was frustrated when the binding was continuously pulled out. The coil binding is a game changer and I use it for everything. It’s great for adapted books, curriculum workbooks, or even staff materials.

Step 1: Hole punch pages. 

When I make adapted books, I hole punch the right side of the last page and bind a storage page for the pieces. This helps avoid losing pieces! 

Step 2: Use the electric function to insert the coil. 

To be completely honest. I have a hard time with this step. For paper workbooks, it’s pretty easy but laminated pages can get harder. I tend to just spin in the coil manually and it’s still pretty fast. 

Step 3: Clamp the edges.

This step is key! this makes sure pages don’t come out and the book doesn’t get caught with other coil bound books. 


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