How to Organize Your VB-MAPP Resources

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Our VB-MAPP Assessment Kit and Aligned Task Cards were created to help you streamline your assessment and instruction process while using the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program. One of the biggest pieces to help you more efficiently and effectively utilize this tool is ORGANIZATION.

The VB-MAPP Assessment Kit provides all of the necessary materials and data sheets to give the assessment. The VB-MAPP aligned task cards provide the necessary tools to work on and build the skills identified in the assessment. Let me breakdown how I setup and organize the VB-MAPP resources.

Assessment Kit

This assessment kit contains materials to make implementation of the VB-MAPP easier and more efficient. All materials are color coordinated and set up in a system that is extremely easy to utilize. The organization system makes this a must-have! It was designed to make locating various tasks quick and easy.  All activities and data sheets are labeled with the specific Milestone.  The assessment kit includes all required visuals, activities, and task cards needed to give the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment. Please note: additional real items are required to give the assessment. This kit provides all contrived materials needed.

The VB-MAPP Assessment Kit is designed to fit within three 3-inch binders. There are a few options for how to set up task cards depending on how much laminating you would like to do. I highly recommend using extra wide dividers – it makes it easier to locate different milestone resources.  You can set up the task cards in page protectors or laminate and cut out the cards. For matching tasks, use a hole punch to put the page right in the binder.

Task Cards

The task card sets are massive! I highly recommend setting them up in these photo storage boxes. If you set up all of the task cards, you will need 9 bins in total. I have big labels for the front of the boxes here.

Label each side of the small boxes so you can easily locate the skill you need to work on. Take your time setting up the cards. This is a big endeavor. You may want to set them up as you need them. 

When I laminate, I suggest using menu size laminating pages to save time. My favorite laminator is this Swingline Laminator. I have had it for 7 years and counting and it’s still going strong! 


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