How to Decide Which Level to Use of TAH Curriculum

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One of the first questions you may ask yourself when getting started with TAH Curriculum is which level is right for my students. As we know, in the world of special education, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. TAH Curriculum has a range of levels to provide differentiated materials for a wide range of types of learners. 

Here is an overview of our levels:


Level 0.5

Level 0.5 is for your early learners or students working on foundational skills. Level 0.5 has bigger text and requires no writing skills. Students will circle, trace, or match while engaging with the activities. Level 0.5 has a huge focus on vocabulary skill building. Students can work on either receptive or expressive language using the vocabulary anchor charts. A data collection section is included on each worksheet to track progress over time.

Level 1

Level 1 still focuses on foundational level skills but adds a bit more complexity. The text is smaller and there are 1-3 focus topics per unit. Level 1 has the option of a non-writer version that requires no copying or writing – only circling, tracing, or matching. Students who are a good fit for Level 1 should be able to do basic identical matching, copy short words, and have strong one to one correspondence.

Level 1.5

Level 1.5 was a frequent curriculum user request! Level 1.5 pulls from the complexity of level 2 but with less writing skills. Students at Level 1.5 will mostly copy, trace, circle, and match while working on Level 2 skills. 

Level 2

Level 2 requires writing skills. Students who are a good fit for Level 2 can answer basic wh- questions in a conversation (using verbal language or AAC) and can independently name 50 common objects (using verbal language or AAC). For math, students will start to work on basic addition so they need counting, number writing, and comparison skills.

Level 3

Level 3 builds in academic complexity. Students who can read at least a high first grade/low second grade level are ready for Level 3. Students must be able to write in complete sentences and correctly spell most common sight words. For math, students will begin advanced addition and subtraction. Students need basic addition and subtraction skills, need to be able to tell time to the hour and half hour, and identify all coins and their value independently.

Level 4

Students in Level 4 must read at a 3rd/4th grade level. They must be able to independently write an on-topic paragraph. For math, students must be able to do multi-digit addition and subtraction with and without grouping. Multiplication and division is introduced in Level 4. Students must be able to add small groups of coins and tell time to the minute reliably.

For additional help picking out the right level, check out our skill matrix and the video preview included in each product description. 

For Curriculum Access Users:

For Curriculum Access Users, we have an easy to use placement assessment to help you decide what level to start at with each student. There are two placement assessments to give each learner in 3 levels of difficulty. Our scoring system will quickly guide you to the appropriate level for each student. 

Get Started with The Autism Helper Curriculum: 

Curriculum Access

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