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How To Be The New Teacher … Again

I started a new teaching job and the days leading up to my start date were full of anxiety! I took a chance and left the public school setting after 10 years to join a team of professionals at a therapeutic day school. I am so happy that I made this change and I now have a team of professionals who share the same passion that I do! I am so thankful for this opportunity and am beyond excited to start collaborating with my team, meet our new learners, and work with their families. I am looking forward to bringing in some of my natural preschool teacher energy and ideas, while learning alongside a team of people who have kept my new classroom going through a crazy school year. Luckily Jen just came out with her blog post on how to set up a classroom. I have time set aside during my training to bring in materials and get our classroom re-set up! In this post, I will share my excitement for this new adventure, while also giving layout of my new school, and what I am doing as the new teacher … again!


The New Teachers


I started training with another new teacher and we got along very quickly. Our personalities are very different, I am an extrovert and she an introvert, but I am happy to have her on my side! We will be going through a 13 week training together. This training will help teach us more about the school’s policies and procedures and the “whys” on how they run. I cannot tell you how pumped I am to be able to have a 13 week training! Not only is it way more than the usual two day orientation, but it is a wonderful way to ease my way into the building and find my place on my new team. All of the staff members in the building have been so welcoming. From the classroom teams on the floor to the teams in the administrative offices, they have made it difficult to feel nervous.

Our First Two Weeks


What our first three weeks of training have been focused on:

  • School tour
  • Computer setup with emails and calendars
  • General schedule overview
  • On floor observations of students
  • Team building activities with new team
  • Review student IEPs
  • Overview and philosophy of our new school
  • Bus evacuations
  • Training on how the functioning of our new teams work
  • Intro to working with families
  • Learning and setting up our new classrooms
  • Training on student programming
  • Goal writing tools
  • Classroom setup and bringing in my own materials
  • Understanding IEP goals and the IEP process in the therapeutic day school setting
  • Classroom schedules and daily teaching
  • Classroom scavenger hunts 

My New Team


My team consists of a lot of adults, and I feel like the luckiest teacher ever. We have myself (teacher), our BCBA, our related service team members, two program managers, a program manager assistant, and two 1:1 instructors. I am thrilled to have been given a team who values open communication, jokes with each other, is not afraid to ask for help, and a team who is knowledgeable in ABA and working with children with Autism. I am lucky to be able to learn from them and have them to help guide me along in this new and wonderful journey. Thank you team!


  1. This is amazing! I am a seasoned teacher but starting in a new district in the fall. I feel as nervous as when I was young.

    This is so helpful in focusing all of my energies!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Allison, you’re definitely not alone – you got this! Happy to hear this was helpful for you & thanks for reading 🙂

    • Thank you so much for reading! You will do wonderful and lean on your new team to lead you through!


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