My district has recently announced that we will be full remote learning until at least October 1st, 2020. At that time, the district will re-evaluate in hopes of making our way towards a hybrid model. This is a hard time for many of us, our students, and all families! I am sure that there is no teacher who WANTS remote learning, but it is necessary for the safety of everyone. Thanks to Jen’s blog posts about TelePEAK (find them here and here) I have been using PEAK’s videos since we started remote learning in the Spring, I used them for ESY, I will be using them when remote learning starts next week, and I plan on using them when we get back in the classroom.

TelePEAK is a library of videos that go along with the PEAK ABA curriculum. My district has been using STAR (Strategies for Teaching Based on Autism Research) for many years. PEAK’s online library is a great way to help me deliver my students’ ABA program via remote learning. I have matched the STAR lessons that correspond with the PEAK lessons and using the spreadsheet I created makes it easy to find the videos I need and assign the programs each student is working on through my Canvas course. I can also share the videos on my class story on Class Dojo, through emails, or through live Zoom calls through screen sharing.

For the videos that PEAK does not have available to match STAR, I have recorded myself running those STAR lessons. I have also recorded myself running programs with my own son to use as family coaching. These pre-recorded videos are beneficial for families who are not able to make live Zoom calls during the day due to other family obligations. My overall goal this Fall for remote learning and during a hybrid model is to be able to make live Zoom calls and run the programs with my students. When that is not a choice, having the recorded videos will help deliver the curriculum they need and lessons they need to practice each day. Frequent family check ins and daily communication will be key! I will be helping coach my parents to be able to deliver ABA instruction with my students.


Here is the link to the spreadsheet!




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