Homework Book Report Form {free download}

Teaching literacy is all about teaching comprehension for children with autism. It is such a struggle and such a challenge. My mantras are practice, repetition, and multiple exemplars. Every word, page, and book that is read in my classroom is in some way use to assess comprehension skills. Quiet reading was a time of my day that often feels like black hole of nothingness. I want to hold my kids accountable for their reading. I use a super, simple book report form in a few different ways. I use it during my guided reading time for my lower readers to assess some very basic comprehension abilities and begin story elements. I also use this for my higher readers to follow up quiet reading. This way I can make sure they are actually paying attention to what they read! I also use it for homework! It’s an easy and quick way to get kids reading more and not have to spend oodles of time preparing homework.

Here is our homework book report form:

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 3.49.18 PM

We use these one or two days a week. I organize my library by reading level and their level is recorded on a form next to the bookshelf. They get to choose a book according to their reading level to bring home for the night.

The Autism Helper - Reading


Download the book report form here: book report form. Happy Friday 🙂


  1. What did you use to level your books? Do you just guess at the level or do you use a specific tool?

  2. I look them up online. It can take forever – most books are on scholastic’s website and then ones that I can’t find online I just guesstimate! 🙂


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