Home School Communication Packet

The home/school connections is critically important for all children! For children with special needs, this connection can be more challenging. Some of our students may struggle to communicate with their parents about what happened at school. This Home School Communication Packet is designed to give you a wide range of options for types of systems to facilitate the home-school communication. This resource contains visual, written choice, and fill-in options for each type of resource. The visual systems contain several variations & I will create a custom variation upon request after purchase. All of the written word systems include editable versions. It’s essential to have a system that is easy to use and relatively quick.

I know many teachers use a home/school notebook for communication but for me it’s way too time consuming to write a note to every parent. This system allows me to share information in an efficient way!

The Autism Helper

Some examples of what is included:

The Autism Helper The Autism Helper The Autism Helper
































The start of the year is the perfect time to implement this system!






  1. do you do class newsletters as well? i.e. monthly newsletters about what the month’s theme or learning topics are and any special events?

  2. Yep! We do a monthly newsletter with special dates, themes, a few pics, and changes in routine.


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