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Holiday Treats with FREE Recipe!

A fun and delicious treat.  You can do this with store bought frosting but I had my students make the frosting!  If you want a free copy of my frosting recipe click here – holiday-frosting

Sasha also made a Christmas Cone Recipe which includes the steps to make the Christmas Cone.   I just took it a step further and had my students first make the frosting first!  Click here to see about Sasha’s Winter Treats and Snacks.

I had my students take turns adding all the ingredients and using the electric mixer to make the frosting.  

The students turn the ice cream cone upside down and spread the green frosting all around the cone. 

Add any kind of toppings you want to the tree.  I had my students count out a certain number of M & M’s, sprinkle shakes, dots, and other fun candy to practice counting and also to limit the number of candy each student got!    

This is another fun treat to make with your students as the weather gets cold.  I may do it again next month!  This is great to work on following directions and sequencing skills.  I just get the individual packets of hot chocolate and a bag of marshmallows. 

First have your students add a packet of hot chocolate into the cup.  Then pour 1 cup of warm water into the cup.    

Stir the hot chocolate.  Add a set number of marshmallows on top of the hot chocolate. 

Since it is easy to make the hot chocolate I have my students complete follow up activities to review.  Practice those sequencing skills – First hot chocolate mix, Second water, and Third marshmallows.  You can have your students paste pictures of the 3 steps on a piece of paper or write a single word for each step. For my higher functioning students we worked on writing the steps in complete sentences to make the hot chocolate.  It is always more fun to write about something you like to do!      

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  1. Do you have any of these on making sugar cookies?


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