Holiday Happiness 🙂

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Relaxed and comfy. Relaxed and comfy. That is my new life motto. Snow is falling, Christmas tree lights are on, sweatpants are my new uniform, and I am snuggled up on the couch. Winter break is simply delicious and a MUCH needed time out from the craziness of work and school. I have been watching loads of trashy tv, spending lots of time with friends and family, and eating like Mayans were right and the world is freaken ending. Yum.

Before I continue on with relevant, autism posts, I thought I would share some snapshots from my past few days of winter break bliss.

I did all my wrapping this year with brown paper and tan raffia ribbon. I love how it turned out!



For coworker presents, I made a MONSTER batch (I actually made two of these pots…. went way overboard) of Krispix trail mix. It seems like everything is so sweet during the holidays that I thought a salty snack would be a lovely change of pace. The exact recipe is on the back of the krispix box but I do a few changes. Basically this mix is equal parts Krispix and Kix (a box of each), a big bag of pecans or cashews, and half a bag of pretzels. Melt half a stick of butter, mix with 5 tablespoons worchestire, and a few tablespoons of lawrys seasoning salt, garlic salt, and lemon juice. Mix the snack mix with the butter mixture and cook on low heat (around 225) for 90 minutes – stirring every 20 minutes. Delicious.





I put the mixture in cleaned out jars. I painted the lids of the jars with chalkboard paint so I could hide whatever logo was on there and could write what was in the jar! Turned out SO CUTE! I tried some ribbon around the middle and done 🙂



Homemade chicken noodle soup 🙂 I even made my own stock!



I had a big Christmas party and went all out on the appetizers. I made almost 15 different kinds of appetizers. My pictures didn’t turn out too great because I was a little frazzeled trying to get my hair and make up presentable before people showed up! I was particularly proud of my cabbage bowls I made. Took FOREVER but totally worth it for the amazing presentation.






Christmas Eve my cousin, sister, and I spend all day baking away! This year we made Mint Chocolate Chip cookies, red velvet shortbread dipped in white chocolate, sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate chip/oreo brownies (also known as slutty brownies). The brownies were







Don’t judge me because these pictures are mostly food. I told you I’ve been eating a lot. Hope you all had an amazing holiday! 🙂


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  1. You are Uhhhmazing!!!!! How in the world do you have time to wrap such cute presents, paint the jar lids, make your OWN stock, and throw parties?!? I envy you in more ways than one!! Thank you for sharing:)


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