Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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I have had a bit of a moral dilemma regard Dr. Seuss. How often has that sentence been said? I couldn’t decide if I should have my class celebrate Dr. Sesuss’s birthday. I try (sometimes painfully hard) to make sure to always, always, always keep my class age appropriate. Dr. Seuss was a little border line for me. I have 5-8th graders. Dr. Seuss is obviously early elementary but the content, reading level, and themes would be engaging for my students. It was a conundrum. I started looking up things to do and then I started getting really excited. I figured if I was getting really excited (as an adult) then really Dr. Seuss is timeless right. Also I think the ‘coolness’ of the Lorax and Grinch movies helped me out a bit. So we went ahead with a Seuss celebration and I am happy we did.

Dr. Seuss’s birthday was last weekend but I am super flexible on when we do seasonal activities (ie. MLK activities after the fact…) because you know… crap happens. So if these activities fit your fancy, throw caution to the wind and do it this week!

We made two really fun bulletin boards! One with truffala trees (twisted pipe cleaners and tissue paper) and loads of great Dr. Seuss quotes (because I could pick my favorite!). And we did a voting, interactive bulletin board. This one is a hit! It’s great to work on initiating social interaction with general education peers! Kids keep knocking on my door and asking if they can vote! It has been so much fun (and confirmed my Dr. Seuss timeless mantra). {download dr seuss bulletin board visuals & information sheet}
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Seusville.com had tons of great worksheets, videos, and online activities for FREE.


We read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish while eating red fish!



We read I am Not Going to Get up Today and then wrote about what we would do if we didn’t have to get up! {download i am not going to get up today worksheet}

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And the finale of all finales … we made green eggs and ham! SO FUN! We did an extension writing activity afterwards to work on time perception – we wrote about what we thought it would taste like before we tried it and after we tried it. Seussville.com had a free recipe we used! Kids had a blast – a lot of them thought they were yucky!

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! 🙂


  1. This is awesome! I love your bulletin board idea!!

  2. You are the best!

  3. Thanks! 🙂


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