2 IEPs in one day? Well isn’t that just cruel and unusual punishment! Not to mention today is a half day so I will barely see my little kiddos. I’ll keep my opinions to myself about how much I hate don’t really  mind that bad writing IEPs. Are we supposed to enjoy writing these never ending documents of joy? I get it that they form our curriculum but maybe it’s my love of efficiency and organization that cause my less than stellar feelings towards writing IEP. The ones in our state our not organized well, incredibly redundant, and the most time consuming parts are the ones I use the least. Goal writing isn’t my problem. Heck I can write a goal with an impeccable mastery criteria in my sleep. It’s IEP writing that’s my nemesis. And checking all those dang boxes…

In the spirit of IEPs I wanted to share to parent notes I send home prior to the IEP to get the goal writing conversation started. As a wide eyed undergrad I learned that parents and teachers write IEP goals together as part of this magical time. And then I quickly learned in the real world – there is not time for that. The parents have a say of course but goal writing isn’t so team based. I like to try to bring part of the mentality in and typically send home this reminder to parents about their child’s IEP meeting (it’s also a nice excuse to remind of day/time without sounding like a jerk):

I have found that this form is difficult for some parents to fill out and can be challenging for parents of students who are lower functioning and may not work on academics in the traditional way. I also like to use this form because it can give some great insight.

Downloads:  IEP reminder and 5 good/5 bad. Anyone share my IEP ‘”love”?

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