Halloween Round Up!

Halloween is just around the corner….I thought I’d share some fun Halloween books and activities we have done in the past!  There is so much to do it will be challenging to fit it all in this month!  Here is a series of adapted books for this season.  The series includes “Scarecrow, Scarecrow What Do You See?, “What’s Scaring You” and “Where is the Jack-O-Lantern?”  I pair each book with a follow-up activity.

I paired the book “Scarecrow, Scarecrow What Do You See?” with a Fall Identification board.


“Scarecrow, Scarecrow What Do You See?” targets both number concepts and Fall vocabulary concepts.  For this book, the students have to find the number which corresponds to the number of Fall items on the page and also find the Fall item that matches.  I have the students touch the Fall items as they count each item on the page to work on those one-to-one correspondence.  Recently I had a teacher tell me they put the pages in a different order so the book did not just count up from 1-10 but it was all mixed up!  This is a great idea to make it a little more challenging!!!

Most of the pictures on the Fall identification board are the same pictures in the Scarecrow Book.  You can give the students directions on which item to find and color it a specific color.  You might need to fold over the paper and go row by row if using all 12 pictures at once is too many for your students.  You can even have your students give each other the directions.  Then you can target those expressive language skills too!  For a free copy of the identification board click the link – fall-identification-board

“What’s Scaring You?” paired perfectly with a Ghost Craft!

The book focuses on various Halloween vocabulary terms and the prepositional concepts “on”.  This book is pretty simple and repetitive so my verbal students are usually able to help me “read” the book after the first page or book.  The students like to say “boo” and pretend to scare each other when we read this book.  The student takes one of the ghosts and places it on the correct Halloween item.

After reading this book we did a ghost craft.  The students got to practice their cutting skills with this craft.  If you want more information about this book and craft click the link from the previous post. –   What’s Scaring You? Book with a Ghost Craft

Finally, “Where is the Jack-O-Lantern?” and a Jack-O-Lantern Craft!

The book “Where is the Jack-O-Lantern?” targets the prepositional concepts “above, below, next to, and on”.  The students had to find the corresponding Jack-O-Lantern and place it in the correct location related to the Halloween picture in the book.

We made Jack-O-Lanterns to pair with the book.  The Jack-O-Lantern paint consists of equal parts of glue, shaving cream, and then a few drops of yellow and red food coloring.  This is a great craft to work on following directions!  For more details about this craft click the link – Where is the Jack-O-Lantern Book with Pumpkin Craft 

One more fun Halloween adapted book that Sasha created is the “Halloween Edition Count, Color, & Name Wh-Question Adapted Book” and I paired this book with a candy corn craft.  For more information and details about this book and craft click the link – More Halloween Fun!

Halloween Cooking – Pumpkin Fluff, Harvest Trial Mix and Spider Cookies are three of my favorite recipes to do around this time of year.    

Pumpkin Fluff This is a super easy recipe.  Just mix together pumpkin pie filling, pudding mix, cinnamon, and whipped cream.  The students used different dippers to taste the pumpkin fluff.  For more information about this recipe check out – Pumpkin Fluff

Harvest Trial MixThis recipe consists of 8 different ingredients with different amounts for each ingredients.  The students can work on request the different items, measuring the different amounts, and re-sequencing all the steps.  For information about how to make this recipe click the link – What’s cooking in Speech?

Spider CookiesThe students open the Oreos and add 8 pretzel sticks for the legs.  Then place the top back on the Oreo.  Add 2 M & M eyes and the Spiders are ready to eat.  Again since the recipe is simple to make it is a good recipe to make the students work on writing the steps to complete the recipe.

I also created visuals to pair with the following Halloween books along with both visual and written questions.  For more information about these books and a free copy of these book companions click on the title of the book and it will link you to the post about each book.


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  1. In the Where Is The Jack-o-lantern book it would be nice to be able to change the prepositions around. The kiddos I work with quickly memorize where the jack-o-lantern goes on each page, and then don’t pay attention to the prepositions anymore.


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