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I love teaching in October.

Students are in a routine, expectations have been set and the real fun and learning can begin. There are so many great fall resources at The Autism Helper! My students this year adore Halloween, and I’m gathering and prepping all of the Halloween resources. Here are how I’m using a few of my favorite this year with in-person and virtual learners.

Halloween Adapted Book Series

These Halloween Adapted books are some of my favorite. In the set you get 3 different books. My favorite is “Where Is The Jack-O-Lantern?”. I use these on video calls with my learners or in person to work on prepositions and counting. To make these COVID safe, I make several sets of each book so my students get their own book to read and use each week. Then we rotate the books throughout the month and disinfect them each weekend. 

Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks – Halloween Edition

If you are looking for a no-prep option, check out the Halloween Edition of the Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks! The digital version can be used with Google Slides and Boom Cards, or you can buy the PDFs and assemble the books depending on your students’ needs. This year, I’m rocking the Boom Cards! I loved this simple, easy set up and no prep option! Plus, my kiddos love them, especially if I use them during Zoom calls!

Halloween Class Party Setup Kit

Parties can be TOUGH for our kiddos, especially this year since COVID has changed so many expectations. This Halloween Party Setup Kit gives you a schedule for 3 or 4 station rotations, a visual schedule for each station, and even a shopping list! It’s literally everything you need for a party minus the few food items you need to grab at the store or out of your art cabinet. Even if my students have a party with their general education class, I hold one with just my learners, too.

WH Question Seasonal Units

What teacher doesn’t love a WH question? This set is packed with all of the picture prompts you need for WH questions. Perfect for SLPs, Special Education Teachers, or Parents! I use these in Zoom calls and share them by either sharing my screen or using my document camera. They are virtually no prep unless you opt to laminate them. I laminate so I can use them again and again! Check out how I used them with my virtual students below!

Don’t Forget To Have Fun When Teaching

I was in a teaching rut a few weeks ago. I realized I hadn’t taken the time to do much of anything fun in my classroom. The very next day I scrapped my lesson plans and we celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day alllll day long. While we had fun, we also did math, reading, and writing activities! It was such a morale boost for myself, my students and my staff! I know this year is crazy with COVID, but don’t forget to have fun with your students. Take time to build those relationships, too! The time you put in with your students will pay off in the end. Fall is the perfect time to squeeze in some fun activities, and The Autism Helper has everything you need for in-person or virtual fun!

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  1. Very nice idea. Where can I find packs for ‘wh’ questions that are none-seasonal?

  2. 🙂 Thank you so much for posting the link and responding so quickly.


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