Halloween Party Planning {Part 2}

So yesterday I gave you the format of how we run our holiday parties. I HIGHLY recommend doing something structured if your past parties have been as fabulously disastrous as mine were.

Onto the fun stuff – what the heck are we doing at our Halloween party this year??

In past years we have done the whole ewwy gooey messy thing; red jello for blood, spaghetti for worms, pistachio pudding for boogers – yep the whole sha-bang. Obviously the kids die in excitement over this. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s a big ol’ messy pain in the butt. Except the kids really do love it. And it’s freaken hilarious as well. Disclaimer – if you do this you will end up with some amazing combination of pudding/jello/noodles in your hair. You will. There’s no way around it.

Last year we took a break from this and did slime instead. Little hint – not much cleaner or easier fyi. So I think we are going to bring back the gooeyness this year. Wish me luck.

Treats or Snacks

Last year we made spider oreo cookies:

So I think we will either do those or one of these two stinkin cuuuute ideas I found on pinterest:

from nap time crafts

Arts and Crafts 

 I kinda love crafts involving painting their hands or feet. Haha – that maybe makes me sound weird. But I think it’s good for exposure to new sensory experiences and they turn out super cute!

Last year we did ghost footprints.

from Be Sweet

And we have also done spider handprints:

I love these ideas from pinterest:

from craftown.com

from Deep Space Sparkle

from la classe dellas maestra Valentina

 Bahhhh too many cute ideas how do I choose?!?

Games and Activities

We will be playing October bingo. My kids love a good bingo game and it’s an easy enough game to include all students.

and we will also be playing our Halloween Language Games – Real v. Make Believe and Fact v. Fiction. My guys have been loving these games. They can’t stop giggling at the Make-Believe flashcards!



What are you doing for your Halloween Parties this year?


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