Halloween Fact vs. Fiction Task Cards {free}

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Friends – allow me to gush for amount. I am such a proud mama duck with my kiddos lately. We have been hitting some really challenging topics in reading. Check out our reading curriculum map. We have been working on idioms, antonyms, main idea, story details – holy poop! If you would’ve have told me two years ago I would be working on these advanced topics with my little bundles of love who could barely all sit at a table together much less learn at a table together. My goodness have we come far! Sigh. Love them 🙂

Another topic that we have advanced on is real/make-believe and fact/fiction. Last year we mostly work on real/make-believe  but now we are moving right on to the fact/fiction. I love this Halloween Packet because it has two levels of language games. It’s perfect for a special education classroom with students with multiple levels. This packet includes two games – real v. make believe and fact v. fiction. Each card gives a clue and students need to pick if it’s real or make believe OR fact or fiction. The real/make believe cards are on candy corns and the fact/fiction are on ghost. All the hints are Halloween or Fall themed! So cute 🙂

These are great component skills to work on for writing. In my post about my writing centers, I talked about how much some of my kids struggle with the foundational writing skills. Working on real v make believe helps build the writing skills needed for imaginative writing!

Each center has 28 cards! Click below for a product preview to see this whole product:

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