Halloween Class Party Setup Kit

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Let’s talk about Halloween in my self-contained classroom!

I don’t know about you, but I love holidays in my classroom.  Holidays are the perfect time to build lasting memories with my students and no holiday is complete without a class party! 

Although holiday parties are fun and exciting, they can be challenging for my students. Parties mean a change in schedule/routine, unpredictable activities, and sometimes too much down time.  To better support my students, I use the Halloween Class Party Set up Kit from The Autism Helper.  This kit is essential in making sure our class party is meaningful and successful – plus it’s super easy for me to prep!

What’s Included:

This is a photo from the halloween class party set up kit.  Photo shows copies of visual instructions on a table.
The Halloween Class Party Set Up Kit includes SO MANY amazing resources that I could not (and would not) go without during a class party:

– directions including shopping and material list

– overall list of centers

– schedule and group list to organize rotations

– visual student mini schedules

– visual directions for each station

– materials for each activity 

– 4 station and 5 station option

All of this and there’s no laminating required (unless you want to, of course)! 

Let’s take a look at each component and see how I use it in my classroom!


Directions Including Shopping and Material List:

Just like all of The Autism Helper’s content, the Halloween class party set up directions and shopping/materials list are short and easy to read and understand.  I love that the shopping list is small and VERY cost effective.  Another bonus, the materials needed are typically already in my classroom! 

Overall List of Centers:

This part of the set up kit is a visual list with a photo describing each station, the instructions for the station, and materials needed.  It is an excellent visual aid I use when preparing my students and getting them excited for our class party as well as a checklist for my staff and me when preparing materials.

  • Pro Tip:  I show this to my paraprofessionals ahead of time, have them choose which station they would like to prep for, and implement during the party. 

Schedule and Group List:

My students are not the only ones who thrive on visuals and schedules – adults need them too!  I love posting or projecting the schedule and group list during our Halloween class party to help keep myself and my paraprofessionals organized and on schedule.  It is also a great way to remember which student should be where during the party should anyone end up at the wrong station – it happens!

Visual Student Mini Schedules:

Okay, not going to lie, schedules are an asset to everyday life in our classroom, therefore a MUST for any classroom party we have.  The student mini schedules help make for such a successful class party.  I print as many as I need for my stations, pass them out to my students, and students keep track of their centers by crossing off the station they just finished.

Visual Directions for Each Station:

I love promoting independence in my self-contained classroom.  One way to continue that expectation during our Halloween class party is through using visual directions for the station activities.  Having visuals for each station greatly decreases the amount of adult prompting needed, frustration, and anxiety.  Visuals also increase student success and independence!  Visuals are a MUST HAVE.

Materials for Activities:

Some of the Halloween class party station activities come with activity sheets.  The Halloween Class Party Set Up Kit comes with one differentiated activity.  The differentiated activity for the Halloween class party is a picture matching game or a game of charades.  Both games have materials and directions included in the kit.  I am able to use both games in my classroom (depending on each group) and am so grateful for the included materials and option for differentiation!

4 Station and 5 Station Option:

This photo shows 4 station and 5 station rotation lists for the Halloween class party.  There are two lists sitting on a table.

The Halloween Class Party Set Up Kit also comes with an option to run the party with either 4 stations or 5 stations. The additional activity for the 5 station option is the adorable ghost craft activity.  

  • Pro Tip:  I don’t always have enough staff to run 5 rotations during our class parties so I like to invite parents/caregivers and service providers to join and help.  They are happy and honored that we invited them!

I hope I inspired you to have your very own Halloween party with your students – you won’t regret it.  If you still need convincing, read Tips for Throwing a Behavior-Free Class Party from Sasha.  You can get the Class Party Set Up Kit on The Autism Helper Store!

Let me know in the comments what you are most looking forward to during your Halloween class party.  Also, please feel free to ask any questions and I will get back to you.  Thanks for reading!


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