What are my guys up to? (and free home visuals!)

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So I’ve been thinking about my little kiddos lately and wondering what they have been up to over the past few weeks since summer school ended. Do you guys think about your students over the summer? I know it can be hard for some of my kids to be home for the month off. Many of my students’ parents work and sometimes they don’t have that many activities to do at home.

I do home visits every fall for all of my families and I always encourage families to set up visuals in the house. I think that is an easy way to incorporate successful school strategies into the home environment. I thought I would share a few of the visuals I have made for some families as free printables! Click on the title to download!

  • Clothing Labels: Then kids can put their own clothes away! Such an easy chore for children with autism to do. They might just need a little help with a visual cue.

  • Where are Mommy and Daddy? Some children have a hard time understand where their parents are. I made this visual for a student who was incessantly asking where one of his parents was. We laminated this and he circled the location of his parents. This greatly decreased the constant questions and seemed to ease his anxiety.

  • Morning Routine: I make this for a TON of my families. Laminate and velcro pieces in the right order. Helps children be more independent with their morning activities.





  1. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this important resource for families.

  3. Hi,
    Do you have a schedule for how to get ready for recess and what order to put clothes on?
    Indoor shoes off, ski pants, jacket, hat, scarf, boots and mitts on?
    Thanks, Sherri

  4. I can’t click on the snacks printable?

  5. Where can I access or download these?

  6. One for potty training or for bathroom would be great ! I’m trying to potty train my little non verbal boy . Having an aid for him to point to or sumtin when he gotta go over wud be amazing

    • Print a picture of a toilet!


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