Today was my first official day back and it was all meetings, schedules, and dust, dust, DUST. My classroom is so dirty! Yuck! We went through several rounds of clorox wipes. And then I went through several rounds of schedule changes. I think I liked the clorox wipe round better. I think (fingers crossed!) my schedule is set. I’m not thrilled about it – but it could be worse! Figuring out the inclusion schedule takes forever! Three grades worth of 4 preps (music, gym, library, world language) each = lots of complications!

I haven’t done my students’ morning schedule yet but my coworker and I did plan our guided reading groups. She teaches the primary autism classroom and we have paired up the past 2 years to run our guided reading together and it works so well! There are more kids to group up so you can actually group students according to reading level. Our students who are not readers usually do independent work tasks or work with the paraprofessionals during this time.

Our groups worked out really well! We had about:

  • 7 students  at level I
  • 4 reading at level G/H
  • 2 reading at level E/F (these guys need more attention – so a small group worked perfect!)
  • 3 reading at level A/B
  • 2 prereaders – working on letter identification and sight words

We broke the level I students into 2 groups  (I – 1 and I -2) and had six groups total. We will be doing parallel teaching this year where each of us will run a reading group simultaneously and we will switch each week. The groups we are not working with will do independent reading centers.

Here is our schedule:

We will be doing the first 2 rounds of reading groups in her room and then at 12:45 switch to my room to run the last 2 groups. At 1:00 many of our students from the other reading groups have inclusion preps so they will go to those then! Our A/B and prereaders will be working in the life skills room with a paraprofessional during the first hour of reading groups.

I’m pretty excited about how the groups worked out – the groups are small enough to really target the necessary skills. Our kids have come a long way! We spent almost our full first year (2 years ago) of reading groups working on how to:

  • raise hands
  • take turns on academic tasks
  • follow along while some else reads
  • attend to peers
  • answer written questions without saying the answer out loud
… basically how to learn and work cooperatively as a group. Now they do so great at this!
Hope you all had a great Monday!  More scheduling info coming soon!


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