Group Work Rules {free download}

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Working in groups is hard. I mean let’s be real – it’s hard for adults. We all know there are those certain coworkers that you just dread be in a small group with for professional development. You know you have someone in mind right now. Don’t feel bad. So let’s be a little empathetic when our kids struggle with working in groups as well. This is something we have been targeting all year and although it is slowly but surely getting easier – it’s still freaken hard.

Group work is hard because it’s unstructured. Nobody is clear on what they should do, who should go first, and how to compromise. Group work is filled with embedded social rules. The best way to tackle this issues to make these embedded social rules concrete and structured.

The Autism Helper

This simple Group Work Rules is a mini task analysis of the steps of working together in a group. We review these before every instance of group work and usually do some modeling and discrimination training along with it. This simple steps have made a world of a difference in making this abstract and mysterious group work task manageable for my structured little guys.

Keep these posted in your room for easy access and so your students can reference this sheet as well!


Download for free here: The Autism Helper – Group Work Rules. Enjoy 🙂


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