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My kids have some time during their independent morning routine for playing games so I am always on the lookout for great games that my kids can play on their own. My speech therapist had this set and I might have highjacked it for a little bit 🙂 This game is a freaken awesome because 6 games come in one set! Some are simply enough for them to play on their own and some are more complex which is perfect for my higher kids!

The game is called Social Skills Board Games {and can be bought here from National Autism Resources for $30 – 6 games included} and works on morals, manners, empathy, emotions, and friendship in a variety of ways!




Here is one the easier games that my kids LOVE playing. I love hearing them giggling away in the morning 🙂



Another great game that has got thrown in our rotation of teacher direct social skill activities for my higher functioning students is Skatepark Rally from take a wild guess… Lakeshore Learning, duh. My one true love. This game works on predicting outcomes and is excellent for working on cause/effect and making inferences.



Here are a few sample cards and the decoder (which my kids think is ridiculously cool) to see the correct answer. I also love that is “teen” themed with the skateboard motif. Gotta love some age appropriate fun 🙂



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