Jeepers Peepers – Great Game Suggestion

Another great game from Super Duper. I have been LOVING their stuff lately. My kids and I had a blast with this one – Jeepers Peepers. I might have had more fun than they did. I swear I have played a drinking version of this game in college…. haha. Anyways – I highly recommend this fun game. It targeted describing skills, asking questions, adjectives, categories, discrimination, and more. It was challenging – don’t get me wrong!

The game comes with 6 pairs of glasses that hold one of the cards. The student can’t see the card. Other students describe the object on the card to help the student guess. This was SO tricky for my kids. It took a few rounds to get the hang out of not saying the item’s name.

The Autism Helper - Game

I love these visual Cue Cards to help prompt my students on what types of clues to give. Perfect use of visuals and text as prompts. This was very helpful!

The Autism Helper - Game

Check out Jeepers Peepers on Super Duper’s website. It’s $29.95.

Jeepers Creepers

By the by: Now is a really awesome time to hit up your administration or principal for supplies. They may have some extra funds left in their budget for this school year and when your supply list falls on their desk they might be likely to say yes. (trust me – I did this literally last week and worked like a charm 😉 )



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