Graphing on the iPad {Numbers App}

I’m excited about this one because I have a secret job promoting apple products. Okay no I don’t but sometimes I feel like I do because I’m so obsessed. Beyond obsessed. On a regular basis in tucked in med spooning my apple trifecta (macbook, iPad, and iPhone). My best and biggest technology tip is not surprisingly related to one of these loves:  the Numbers app for the iPad. Numbers is essentially excel for mac products. I use numbers to track all IEP goal data and behavioral data for all my students. The beauty of having this on an iPad is you can bring it around to each station to update your date – instead of dragging every data binder and clipboard over to the computer!

Numbers is SUPER easy to use! Have I sold you yet? Data and easy aren’t always in the same sentence so listen up! And you will have some very impressed parents and therapist when you whip this puppy out at an IEP.

Numbers Tutorial: Here is how the home page looks. I have a spreadsheet for each student. I love having everything in one spot!


Then I have a tab for each subject area or behavior.

You can include phase change lines and color coded dates. This will help you be able to understand if your interventions are effective!

You can include multiple graphs on one page. On this language arts page, I have data from Dolch primer, Dolch first grade, and a functional word set.

I also use Numbers for helping to identify the function of a behavior. After I take ABC data on a behavior, you can calculate the percentage of time the behavior is occurring in each area of the school day.

Here is how easy and quick it is to set up a new graph:


  1. Can you share the spreadsheet so that multiple people can add to it from different iPads?

  2. I bought the app but I can’t figure out how to create tabs across the top.

  3. Thank you for this tutorial. How do you include the phase change lines on your graph?

  4. For phase change lines I add a shaped (a line) and manually put it in!

  5. Do you use this to graph ABLLS-R targets? What exactly is the purpose of graphing target data?

  6. I use this to graph IEP goals which are based (for some kids) on the ABLLS. The purpose of graphing is to show trends and variability that we may not see with just numbers. Often times we may not realize a skill is actually improving but the overall trend on the chart is upwards. It also allows us to see the effect of our behavioral interventions in a meaningful way! 🙂

  7. Hi Sasha,
    This may be such a dumb question but how did you get your numbers chart to look (appearance wise) that way. With those colors and what not. Mine looks so much like excel it is actually distracting! Haha

  8. Hmm…. maybe it’s the setting mine is on. I’m not sure – sorry!

  9. This is exactly what I’m looking to do on my Mac!!! Your pictures are not loading up!!! Help!!!

    Thank you so much!!


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