Grammar and Communication

Level 3: Expressive Language

A proficient communicator and a basic communicator may be differentiated by some small but important attributes. One of those important attributes is using correct grammar. Incorrect use of past tense or faulty noun verb agreement is a red flag to any listener. We notice those things almost immediately because these rules are second nature to most of us. Saying “The dog run fast” is nails on a chalkboard for most of us. In order for your students to truly be considered master communicators when it comes to expressive language – they must follow all of these complex grammar rules.

So before you click out of this page thinking that teaching grammar isn’t functional or appropriate to teach to your old learners. Consider how horrible all of these phrases sound:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.55.46 PM

We do not want our students rattling phrases like these off. We want our kids and adults to be fluent and functional communicators! In order to achieve that gold medal status – we have got to work on grammar. I think this is a win-win because a strong understanding of grammar rules not only helps communication abilities but it also aides in literacy and writing skills and is Common Core Aligned. It’s a match made in functional and academic heaven! 🙂

How do we approach this overwhelming topic?

One of my favorite quotes is:

You can do anything but not everything.

Do not shoot yourself in the foot trying to tackle everything grammar related at one time. You will make no progress and both you and your students will feel completely defeated and unsuccessful. Who wants that? Instead – take your time! Rome wasn’t built in a day and your A+ communicators won’t be either. Pick one topic to focus on at a time. Once it’s mastered, then move on to another topic. Grammar concepts build so you will always be working on previously mastered skills.

Here are some topics to work and I linked some stellar and free TpT resources for each one:

Present, Past, and Future Tense

Noun/Verb Agreement



Pronoun Usage


So get those printers ready and stock pile some resources to start the school year with gusto. Your kids will be accurate and functional communicators with perfect grammar in no time!



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