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I’ve been talking a lot about google forms lately and some of you have drank the kool-aide and are into it. And there is another group of you that likely keeps swiping when they see an instastory about google forms. That seems so complicated, you think to yourself. What’s the point of that. I don’t need to do that. Quick justifications pop into your head. But I’m here today to prove you wrong. Google forms are extremely simple to use and extremely useful. I promise I wouldn’t be pushing something that is not worth your time or takes up too much of your time. The reason I have been so obsessed with google forms lately is because they are so efficient and useful. So if you are brand new to google forms (or just need a refresher), let’s jump in!


What are google forms?

Google forms is a tool you can use with google (similar to google docs) that you can access through your google drive. If you have a google account, you have google forms! Google forms is a survey tool that allows multiple people or one person to add information to a form. Google Forms will then help you summarize and review the results of that information in different ways.

Why are google forms helpful for me?

Google forms can help you have one spot to collect and then review your data. Remember – the point of taking data is to — USE IT. Too often, we get stuck in rut of collecting data and then not using the data to make data based decision. Also, when we miss this vital step it’s one of the reasons we step taking data. We no longer see a need for it and we naturally stop doing things that don’t bring value. Google forms will give you quick and useful ways to review your data and make those essential data based decisions!

How do I use google forms?

When I first start talking about google forms, I had a bunch of comments about how paper & pencil is best and the easiest way to go. I agree! I don’t use google forms in-situ. It would be way to distracting for a student if there was a laptop out and a teacher was typing data into the form during instruction. The best setup is taking data with paper and pencil while teaching and then transferring the data into google forms after. I know. Another step. It sounds like a lot of work. Again, I promise you it isn’t. When I do my full day data or behavior PDs for school districts, we do a real time data submission of 5 days of ABC data into google forms and I have someone time me (my best time is 68 seconds!) to show how ridiculously fast it is.

You can use google forms to collect and analyze really any type of data. Whether you want to use this for your academic data, behavior data, to help you figure out why a behavior is occurring (ABC data), or social/communication data – this works. The form is easy to set up and there are options for each question type. Google forms will work as a link. You can share the link with everyone on your staff or keep it bookmarked on your class computer. Every week or every day, spend a few minutes adding the data in or having staff members do it. Once you set up the form, adding in the responses is easy.

How do I setup a google form?

The setup only needs to be done one time. After you make the form, each day or week you will submit responses to the form. Once you setup one form you can even make a copy and then edit that copy for other students’ forms. I love this infographic below that shows some of the basics. Also check out my post from last year for even more details.

Visual learner? Me too. Check out my basic video tutorial:

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