Give me a break!

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… or some chocolate. I’d settle for either. Between meetings, classroom setup, starting up grad school classes this week (my last year – woohoo), and spending all day working on adapting Common Core standards for district wide assessments (posts on that soon!) – I’m pooped and kids haven’t even started yet!

As I settled in to enjoy some quality low grade television for a few moments this afternoon – I thought about how sometimes break time can be difficult for our kids… okay fine … I wrote this post before couch time but it tied in nicely and I guess break time is just on my mind.

Anyways, I use some visual choice boards in my classroom to provide my students with options for how to spend their break time as well as a way to appropriately ask for a break. Allowing access to breaks can be an effective way to decrease negative behaviors. Some problem behaviors can occur to gain access to breaks. Some people don’t realize but a time out may not be a punishment for some kids – maybe their are getting out of an activity they don’t like. Teaching students how to appropriately ask for a break can decrease problem behaviors since they now have a way to get access to the reinforcer (the break time!).

Here is a free printable for this ‘I need a change…’ break choice board. Okay, now on to my break time. I’m thinking a little wine and maybe that chocolate that I keep thinking about…


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