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We love a good game in my room. The kids are distracted at the oh-so-exciting notion of a “game” that couldn’t possibly be “work” and this teacher just is excited to sneak some academics in. Simply Fun has some of my favorite games of all time. Their games are innovative, creative, and target loads of skills at once. You know that I’m all about tasks and activities that multi-task. By multi-task, I mean these activities work on academic, functional, and social skills at one time. Our kids have way too much to work on – so we have to make the most out of every single minute with them!

My class got to check out two great games from Simply Fun – Fruit Flies & Letter Slide!

Letter Slide has been an instant hit! I played a modified version with my mid-level group twice last week. It was a great challenge for them and super interesting for me to see what my guys struggled with and where they excelled. Then I unleashed the glory of this game on my high-level grow and they embraced the timer/competition aspect of the traditional rules with gusto! The first time we played this, my sweet boys ended up playing for an hour on their on and bypassed their break time. Holy amazing!

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper


Fruit Flies is a little bit Go Fish and a little bit Uno. It’s face paced and incorporates advanced cognitive skills!
The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper


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