Fun Friday in the Classroom

Incorporating Fun Friday into your lesson planning will provide various hands-on learning opportunities for your students.  It is a great way to end the week and give students a chance to get creative!

Cooking and Art

Incorporating cooking and art into your classroom creates opportunities for students to work on various skills in a variety of areas, such as academics, daily living, social skills, etc.,

You can select recipes or crafts based on monthly units or give each month a theme.  Here are some ideas for the upcoming months:

  • Apple recipes for September
  • Halloween-theme for October
  • Anything fall-related in November

Check out these resources:

Recipes for Cooking:

The Autism Helper’s store has a variety of visual recipes.

Get free recipes from Accessible Chef or create your own using the recipe creator on the website.

Do you use News2You or Unique Learning System?  Both of these subscriptions have recipes that are themed to the unit.

Arts & Crafts

Pinterest is always a great resource with so many great ideas for crafts!  

I love using The Autism Helper’s Scrapbook Visual Craftivity in the classroom. 


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