Fruit Freebie 🙂

We had so much fun with our vegetable exploratory learning activity a few weeks ago that we decided to continue the streak and do fruits! These are such fun end of the year activities when everyone (including the teachers) are sick and tired of the same old structured work tasks. Don’t worry – there was still plenty of language and learning included!

We talked about all the fruit, cut them up, and tried them. We practiced asking each other if they liked the fruit and commenting. You should do this activity purely for the immensely entertaining value of watching your kids try lemons and limes. Freaken hilarious.

The Autism Helper - Fruit Activity


We followed up the taste test talkathon with a few writing activities! We answered some comprehension questions and did a few sorting activities. We sorted the fruit by color, yummy/yucky, has skin that you can eat/has skin that you cannot eat, and fruit were cut/fruit we didn’t cut. Some of these were tricky!
The Autism Helper - Fruit Activity The Autism Helper - Fruit Activity

A few fun follow up activities were fruit bingo (using my new best friend the Nova Chat!) and a cut and paste color sorting activity.

The Autism Helper - Fruit ActivityThe Autism Helper - Fruit Activity


And your freebie – 4 fruit worksheets! Download for free here: Fruit Pages. Happy Friday 🙂


  1. I’m a resource specialist and have several students with autism throughout my school. I would love to see your class!

  2. Thanks for reading, Laura!


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