Froggy Fill Ins {teaching verbal responding}

A few months ago, I wrote a series of posts on how to teach question answering (emerging verbal skills, visual questions, personal information). The vey, very foundation of question answering is just purely responding to verbal behavior with more verbal behavior. Not echoing the same response. But using what someone just said to you, to say something else. I am sure we all have some of those kiddos who repeat everything. Before you can start answering questions, you need to start a little easier and more basic. I like using phrase fill ins. In the ABA world, this is called intraverbals (responding to verbal behavior with more verbal behavior).

I teach students to respond to commonly used phrases by omitting the last word and prompting them to repeat the final word. This will assist in breaking the routine of constantly repeating everything that is said to them. I made aset of games and puzzles to take this activity a lit bit farther and make it a little bit more fun – Froggy Fill Ins!

There are a set of puzzles and matching boards for the most basic and easy fill in phrases. I will be using these with my least verbal students with emerging verbal skills. One of this kiddos surprisingly has more reading abilities than verbal abilities so the written words will help him out!

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The next set of activities are a little more advanced. This is for your students who can maybe answer basic and common questions but struggle with more complicated questions. These puzzles work on matching phrases based on function with the action or object. Work on function has really helped some of my students develop more language!

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The last part can be done with students with and without writing skills. Included in this resources are categorizing worksheets. Categorizing is an essential skill to develop. Categorizing leads to organizing information, making associations, and vocabulary building. These worksheets also come with cut and paste response options for those who struggle with writing and language.

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Check out the video product preview:

This resource – Froggy Fill Ins – uploaded on TpT with all 3 sets of types of resources 🙂


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