Friday Cleanapalooza!

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By this point of the year – my kids know the drill. Fridays at the end of the day are dedicated to one thing and one thing only – cleaning. Our week gets crazy busy and we don’t always have time to keep up on our chores each day – so Friday we go all out. We wipe down every surface, dust, put away quiet reading books, sharpen pencils, etc. Then we are all set to start the week on Monday so fresh and so clean. We have had some nasty flus and colds go around this year so we need to sanitize as much as we can!

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My higher functioning students really take on the majority of the clean duties. I make a list for each student of what jobs are assigned to them. I like using this basic format for my higher kids because it’s generalized and builds follow direction skills in a functional way. With my lower functioning students we used a visual job chart because they need the visual support (visual jobs 1 and visual jobs 2). But for my readers – I like these quick and easy to do lists! (see this post on scheduling for higher functioning students)

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